To mark a score on the Cricket board, click the empty area for that number. Points are tallied below each users name. Only the person who closes the number first will accrue points until another person closes that number.

The green bar above each player's name indicates who is currently shooting.

The green "+" button at the bottom indicates that scores and marks are being added . Clicking this button will switch the mode to subtraction, allowing you to remove marks or reduce the points scored.


301, 501, 701 (or any other "01" game)

To set up a different game other than 301, click on the "301" number and change the number to your preference.

Each time a number is scored it changes color to indicate a single (bronze), double (silver) or triple (gold). If more than 5 marks are scored, the color will remain gold, and the additional points will be added to the "current score" section. To correct a mistake while scoring marks, click the green "+" button, then click the number button to remove a mark.

When you're done tallying the score, click the "OK" button to subtract the "current score" from 301. Each set is stored below the "OK" button. Use the red minus buttons to remove the last score that was added.

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