Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop CS4

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The "Web Photo Gallery" is no longer installed in Photoshop CS4. However this doesn't mean that it is completely unavailable for CS4. It just means that you have to manually install it.


Installation Steps

1. Locate "Adobe Photoshop CS4 Optional plug-ins" additional files.

Included in on the Photoshop CS4 DVD, or as part of the download package is a file / folder called "Optional plug-ins". I'm not sure what the folder is called on the DVD, as I purchased the downloads. However, the download file that consititutes the Options plug-ins is called "PHSPCS4_Cont_LS1". If you failed to download the file during purchsae, I think you can re-download from adobe.com. Try searching their site for "Adobe Photoshop CS4 Optional plug-ins"

After upzipping the package (or navigating to the folder on your DVD), you'll find the directory structure as follows:

>> Adobe CS4/Photoshop Content/English/Goodies

Within the "Goodies" folder are two folders:
- Optional plug-ins
- Presets

We need to copy the files to their respective locations.

2. Install the plug-ins.

On your DVD or in the dowloaded package, navigate to the "Automate" folder:

PC >>  Goodies/Optional Plug-ins/Plug-ins 32-bit/Automate
MAC >> Goodies/Optional Plug-ins/Automate

This folder contains the following files:
- ContactSheetII
- PhotomergeUI
- WebContactSheetII

Copy these files to:

PC >>  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\Automate
MAC >> /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-ins/Automate

3. Install the gallery templates.

On your DVD or in the dowloaded package, navigate to the "Presets" folder:

PC >>  Goodies\Presets
MAC >> Goodies/Presets

In there you'll find a folder called "Web Photo Gallery". Copy the entire folder "Web Photo Gallery" folder so that the folder will be situated as:

PC >>  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Web Photo Gallery
MAC >> /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Presets/Web Photo Gallery

That's it.

You're now back to the good old days!

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Looking for a replacement for PhotoShop's Web Photo Gallery? Check out Quick Gallery.



Gallery Template

- Preview
- Download

After downloading and uncompressing, put the entire folder "Quick Gallery" into your Adobe Photoshop "presets/Web Photo Gallery/" folder. (See #3 to the left).


Gallery Script

Try out this little Photoshop "droplet thingy" which makes creating a Web Gallery a snap.

- Download

The Gallery Script works for Photoshop CS2 through CS4 on both the Mac and PC.

Be sure to read the "READ ME.txt" file for setup instructions.





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