Works like a punch clock!

- Multiple projects
- Edit task as you work
- Punch in
- Take a break
- Punch out
- Print "invoice" reports


...all in a small, neat window!

Perfect for folks who don't want (or need) an uber-complicated time clock program.

Yet clever enough for the average-Joe, self-employed consultant or freelancer.

Create & Edit Projects

No complicated inputs, just the basics. Plus a nice generic "notes" section for you to do whatever you want, use it for an address, phone number, whatever.

Modify & Merge Tasks

Join two or more tasks into one. Modify previous task info including description, hours, and date.

Reports (invoice), Export, Import

- HTML reports/invoices
- Export for backup for sharing JSON with IT
- Import to restore JSON backup. (coming soon)

Support & Versions

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2020-5-9 @ 21:11:02
Primary v2 release