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Timetrek - free personal time clock software

The ideal time clock software for simple freelance or consulting projects for Mac or PC.

Timetrek works like a punch clock:

- Name the client
- Describe the specific task at hand
- Punch in
- Punch out for a break
- Punch back in after a break
- Print "invoice" reports

... All in a small, neat window.

Perfect for folks who don't want (or need) some all-inclusive, uber-complicated time clock program.

Yet Time Trek is clever enough time clock software for the average-Joe, self-employed consultant or freelancer.

It's FREE !


For Windows


For Mac OS X


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To use Time Trek:

1. Click the MENU then click NEW and enter the name of the client. The client's name will appear in the drop down menu.

2. Enter some information about the specific task you are working on for the client in the big white area, then click "PUNCH IN."

3. When you're ready to take a break, click on the cigarette (or coffee cup depending on your preference). When you return from your break, click the cigarette or coffee cup again to resume the job.

You can change the break icon to either a cigarette or coffee cup from the OPTIONS button on the MENU.

4. When you're all done with your client's project, click MENU then REPORT to get a summary of all the time spent on the various tasks related to the client's project.

The report rounds the time spent on each task to 30 minute increments. You can change this option by clicking in the OPTIONS section of the MENU.

Other features and options:

The small TOTAL timer shows the total time spent on the client's project to date, the sum of all of the various tasks toward the project's completion.

If you're HTML savvy, you can edit the report_template.html file to customize your report.

The report_template.html file is located in the "reports" folder, which is located in the Time Trek installation folder on your machine. The usual installation location is:

C:\Program Files\Time Trek

Where ever you put the Time Trek program after unzipping it.

Edit the HTML any way you want, but leave:
... as is. (This text is how Time Trek knows where to put the report data.

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July 11, 2009










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